Silver Filigree Choker with Clear Swarovski Crystal


 This choker consists of two large silver filigree parts that reach all the way to the back of your neck with beautiful swirls and floral patterns that were very popular in the Victorian era. The focal jewel itself is set behind a silver swirly garland. The colour of the jewel is clear crystal; the various shades that you see are reflections of the surroundings. I've been making chokers for almost 8 years now and I am fully aware of all the issues that come with them, like the difficulty of putting them on and off, being too tight or too loose and uncomfortable. Thus, the sides of the choker are solid and can be bent by you once to follow the curves of your neck for a more natural and comfortable fit.
The choker measures 3.5cm wide (1.37 inches) and 30cm long (12 inches) with a 8cm (3 inches) extension chain at the back but I can make it longer for you upon request at no extra charge. 

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