Women's Cuff Watch with Silver Wings and Black Rose


Welcome! So I tried to make a similar theme like the previous watch after popular request. It has some "steam punk" elements plus the silver colour and black rose that give it a gothic essence. The placement of the wings was my favourite part, it reminded me of so many things. Valkyries, mythology, even my favourite cartoon when I was a kid, She-Ra. :) It's an impressive and dramatic piece of jewelry that will certainly not go unnoticed. It will tell time, while reminding you how precious it is and how fast it slips away. Dress your hand in gothic elegance with this limited edition cuff. The cuff is made of silver plated brass. The rose is acrylic, and there are also a few Swarovski rhinestones to add some sparkle. The battery of the watch can easily be changed in the future by just pulling the watch face open and exposing the battery as shown in the last photo. Its back side is safely riveted on the cuff. I am now using rivets to keep the embellishments on the cuff base. This cold connection method eliminates the need for adhesives and makes it a lot safer to bend or stretch them. It also gives a more "steampunk" look since it resembles mechanical constructions! This asymmetrical cuff measures 5.5cm (2 inches) tall at its widest point. It's a relatively large cuff, and even though it's adjustable, I'd suggest you handle it with care, cause of all the components on it. Like all cuffs, the less you adjust it the more it will live, cause of "metal fatigue". Please include your wrist size with your order so I can adjust it a bit for you first, it can become as small as 5 inches round. Thanks so much for looking! Feel free to contact me for any questions or comments. ==================================== PLEASE NOTE this is a commissioned item. Please allow up to 2 weeks for me to craft and ship it. I also accept custom requests for similar watches, in different colours and/or themes. Contact me if you're interested. ====================================

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