Brass Wings Ring with Red Glass


This is a very large and impressive ring adorned in Gothic darkness and elegance. Two large life-like brass wings spring out of a red glass heart with beautiful detailed filigree all around them. The wings will embrace your finger almost to the fingertip, spreading 8cm (3 inches) long including the base of the ring. I started designing this as a pendant for myself but soon enough I pictured it on my hand and couldn't resist turning it into a ring. The width of the ring is 4cm (1.5 inch) at its widest point. All components are made of antiqued brass, nickel and lead free. Its band is adjustable to fit most sizes, but if you're uncertain please contact me first. It is a big and heavy ring so it might not be comfortable in petite sizes. Please include your ring size or finger circumference in cm when ordering. Different colours might be possible upon request, feel free to contact me :)

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