Dark Indigo Jewelry Set


This set includes a necklace and a pair of earrings. It's the perfect set for when you need something delicate and feminine that will still make an impression. All items share the same "crown-shaped" settings that are elevated so the light passes through the intricate Fleur-De-Lys' for a lace-like effect.

This also accents the beautiful dark blue jewels that take all kinds of different shades depending on the light. The Dark Indigo jewels that make up the main component of all items measure 18x13mm. The pendant is 2.5cm long, the earrings around 3cm long. 
I have used a gray jewel for the top of the earrings so the set wouldn't be too uniform, but if you'd rather I used blue jewels just let me know!

The necklace has a 38-45cm (16-18 inches) adjustable chain.


All metal parts are made of lead free Pewter and/or silver plated brass. The jewels are genuine Swarovski crystal.

You save 10% off the original price of the individual items by purchasing this set.

Photo: Giorgos Aslanidis
Styling: Theoharry Katsanis
Mua: Eleutheria Aslanidou-Kaltsidou / Make Up Artist
Model: Noëlle Koutra[ The Legion] Dimitrios Constanti
ne Makris
Location:Acropolis Museum Hotel

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