Garnet Ring


This is an impressive gothic ring with a thin band and beautiful details around its silver bezel. The crown of the ring is elevated above the band so the light passes through the stone and highlights its details. The stone set on the ring is a beautiful genuine Garnet Jewel in very dark red, almost black. I have taken the photos with a bright background to showcase its colour.

The gemstone grade is around B with some flaws and imperfections οn the surface and measures 18x13mm
The ring has an adjustable band that can go up to US size 8 with a closed back, but if you want you can stretch it further by opening its back and make it 1-2 sizes larger. You can find your ring size here.

The material is silver plated brass.

Here are some of the amazing comments left from past buyers about this ring:
❤"Omg! This ring is beyond beautiful ! Exceptional craftsmanship. She went above and beyond. Love it. 💗"
❤"Lovely dark stone, almost black with flashes of red. Fits great. Came beautifully packaged."
❤"It is an extremely darκ tinged garnet - literally black. It's very powerful and very sorceress-like. I enJOY it very much."
❤"This will be an engagement ring. My SO saw it and demanded it. Thanks for the affordable jewelery saved me 3000$ or so."

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