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Brass Angel Wing Earrings

Brass Angel Wing Earrings

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These clip on earrings follow the theme of my best selling Dark Angel pendant and cufflinks. They feature a pair of antiqued brass life-like wings with amazing details accented by an oxidizing process that gives them a dark antique look. They are slightly bent to follow the natural curve of your ears creating an illusion of real wings :)

Soft ear-clips are professionally soldered using lead free solder on the back of these earrings for lifetime durability. They are not glued like the ones you might find elsewhere. They are very comfortable and not too tight against your ears. The clips are also made of brass, nickel and lead free.

The wings measure 5cm tall (2 inches) and 1.5cm at the widest point (0.6 inch). The plating of the wings is very high quality and won't break or chip off. Like all my items, these earrings come beautifully wrapped and ready for gift giving.

All materials are made in the USA and conform to strict health and safety laws.

= Note: Since the shape and size of ears can vary a lot, you can slightly bend these yourself for best fit. Brass is soft yet sturdy, so it won't break. =

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