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Burgundy Crystal Silver Wings Earrings

Burgundy Crystal Silver Wings Earrings

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I wanted to make a fancier version of my Angel Wings earrings, and I thought what better way than adding some crystal sparkle to them!

  • Soft ear-clips are professionally soldered using lead free solder on the back of these earrings for lifetime durability. They are very comfortable and not too tight against your ears. They are not glued like the ones you might find elsewhere.
  • 5cm long (2 inches) x 1.5cm at the widest point (0.6 inch)

These would make great bridal earrings, combined with these for your bridesmaids! 

Here are some of the amazing comments left from past buyers about these earrings:

"I'm honored to be the owner of those awesome lovely earrings. Thank you very much Vicky for creating them!"
"The earrings arrived the other day in the post and they are just PERFECT! I haven't worn clip on since I was a child and I remembered they hurt - but yours don't hurt at all, you barely feel them on your ears, just enough for you to make sure you still have them. The way you crafted everything together is divine and the package was something, I kept every bit of it, it's so cute and well put together! And oh boy they sure make an impression, I wear my hair up now, I get compliments everyday thanks to you! I can't wait to treat myself with one of your watches xxxx"

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