Fleur De Lys Necklace with Black and Purple Swarovski Crystals

$65.00 USD

This is a stunning necklace featuring a silver Fleur De Lys that hosts a beautiful amethyst Swarovski crystal that sparkles with every single of its several facets! Another beautiful Jet jewel hangs below the main component. What I tried to do is incorporate the jewel in the silver stamping's design; it is placed between curves and lines that form a nice frame around it.

This is something a Duchess would wear. A goth queen. An amazing energizing necklace with an amethyst heart! The photos don't do justice to this stunning jewel!

The pendant measures about 2 inches (5cm) tall and wide, and hangs from a 16inch chain (40 cm) which can be made longer or shorter upon request. It hooks on the back, where you will also find another Swarovski crystal in amethyst. The pendant's sides are slightly curved outwards. All metal components are made of sterling silver plated brass.

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